Prevention, diagnosis, and treatment
of periodontal disease

Periodontics: a dental specialty provided in our West Island clinic

Does gingivitis sound familiar to you? This well-known condition just happens to be the periodontal disease most commonly treated by periodontists. When gums and bone tissues are infected with bacteria and their vitality is threatened, it is important to consult a periodontist who will suggest treatments suited to your dental needs.

Conditions most frequently treated by periodontists:

  • Gingivitis – A mild inflammation of the gums that may or may not be cause pain and bleeding.
  • Mild to moderate periodontitis – Moderate periodontitis (gum disease) is diagnosed when the pockets between the teeth and soft tissues run 4 to 6 mm deep.
  • Advanced periodontitis – Advanced periodontitis is diagnosed when the pockets between the teeth and soft tissues run deeper than 6 mm and significant bone loss has occurred, causing displacement and tooth loss.
  • Missing teeth – When teeth are missing due to bone loss, the periodontist may use dental implants to replace them.

Here are some common periodontal treatments:

  • Gingivoplasty (reshaping of gum tissue) – Tooth mobility caused by periodontitis can make the teeth seem much longer due to lack of gum tissue. The periodontist can correct this problem with a gum graft that makes the smile symmetrical.
  • Bone graft – To put dental implants in place, the jawbone must be sufficiently dense and stable to hold the prosthesis. Bone grafting may be necessary to reinforce the jawbone.
  • Deep pocket cleaning – The progression of gingivitis and periodontitis makes it more difficult to clean the pockets between soft tissues and teeth. The periodontist can de-scale the teeth and plane the roots (sometimes under local anaesthesia) to remove bacteria and debris causing the infection.
  • Crown lengthening – If you’re embarrassed to smile due to too much gum tissue, crown lengthening can restore your attractive smile.

Beyond aesthetics, treating periodontitis eliminates harmful bacteria and stimulates bone and gum tissue regeneration. At Centre Dentaire Olympique, we are proud to deliver the highest quality care and treat your periodontal disorders with cutting-edge technology.

Our periodontist will be glad to answer your questions and recommend the best treatment.