Our highly qualified trained staff will take care of pre-screening and detection of oral
affections to treat with non-invasive-painless gum therapy and treatment.
Another very important aspect of pre-screening includes pre-cancerous cell detection with the use of highly sensitive light -VELSCOPE- 
The Periowave Process
Case Study  | 1 | 2 | 3 |
Pre-Periowave treatment
PD: 7 mm, heavy generalized BOP
6 weeks after Periowave treatment
PD: 3 mm, no BOP

Patient Profile:
30-year old woman with 12-month onset of severe gingival bleeding when brushing and eating. After a complete medical work up no signi cant ndings. Oral hygiene found to be good with minimal plaque and recall appointments up to date. No clinical improvement of bleeding on probing found after regular scaling and root planing appts.

Treatment protocol:
Treated areas with Periowave.

Within 1 week there was no evidence of BOP. 6-week follow-up showed a pocket reduction from 7 mm – 3 mm.

Case and photos provided by: Leanne Carlson-Mann, RDH

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