Our highly qualified trained staff will take care of pre-screening and detection of oral
affections to treat with non-invasive-painless gum therapy and treatment.
Another very important aspect of pre-screening includes pre-cancerous cell detection with the use of highly sensitive light -VELSCOPE- 
The Periowave Process
Case Study  | 1 | 2 | 3 |
Pre-Periowave treatment
PD: 4-5 mm, moderate BOP
6 weeks after Periowave treatment
PD: 2-3 mm, no BOP

Patient Profile:
45-year old woman with ill tting crowns. Generalized 4-5 mm probing depths with moderate bleeding.

Treatment protocol:
Scaling and root planing with local anaesthetic and treatment with Periowave.

Re-evaluation at 6 weeks showed reduction of probing depths and no evidence of bleeding.

Case and photos provided by: Leanne Carlson-Mann, RDH

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