Dr. Y. Greemberg, D.D.S.
The use of implants to replace missing teeth is a treatment method with a high rate of success. Many options are available to replace one or more missing teeth. The choice of replacement may involve either one or more non-removable dental prostheses or one or more removable teeth. Dental implants are essentially "artificial tooth roots" which, depending on the prosthetic treatment plan, can serve as anchors for either non-removable or removable replacement dental crowns. Non-removable prosthetic restorations secured to implants closely resemble natural teeth.

Oral implantology is not only a proven and reliable therapeutic solution, but is now considered a standard and indisputable treatment. More often than not, prosthetic reconstruction on implants is an alternative to the classic solutions and is much more comfortable and functional for the patient.


Treatment Steps

To the left is an example of a patient with several teeth missing from the lower jaw.
For this particular condition, three implants are utilized to replace the missing teeth.


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